More about L.E.A.D. Groups

Description of the Program

In Lead Groups, Lead Coaches run weekly “lead-ups” for their local small group of 5-15 6th-12th grade girls. Groups meet weekly for 12 weeks in the Fall and 12 weeks in the Spring to deepen their practice of self-belief, courage, resilience, physical and emotional well-being, stress and anxiety management, self-awareness, money management, growth mindset, and more, alongside a fun and challenging project-based leadership experience.

Each 12-week program is designed to inspire and challenge girls to transform into confident leaders who are prepared to lead in every area of their lives. Using the L.E.A.D. programming platform, young women will strengthen their practice of personal and social awareness through the format of small-group accountability, relationship management, and application of startup business strategies. Within each lead-up, girls run through Love Progress Park's T.A.E.L.R. method (Think Act Experience Learn Reach) to learn emotional intelligence, goal setting, self-care, physical fitness, accountability, and so much more!

As the group gets closer and girls find "their people", students will be motivated to move their life skills and entrepreneurship training from the Lead Groups to their homes and communities. Girls will start to feel a sense of responsibility to positively impact others as their personal, social, and leadership competencies tone up and take shape as emotional intelligence muscles.

An emphasis of strengthening emotional intelligence and growth mindset will unlock leadership competencies seeded in middle school and high school girls who are being cultivated to standout as future global contributors.


The growth process requires honest effort and time. Therefore, what you get out of the Lead Group experience is entirely predicated upon what you invest into it. Yes, the expectation is that you commit to showing up to every lead-up like you would show up to any other class or practice.

Weekly and meaningful participation in lead-ups, reflection, application of life skills and leadership strategies, demonstration of courage, openness, and trustworthiness will enhance and secure the safe space we are creating, help all students reach their individual leadership potential, and further enable your progress as a leader.

Lead Groups

Lead Groups start with 5-15 girls then divide into smaller groups to work through their topic-specific projects. Coaches use the weekly lead-up times and group chats in between each weekly meeting to support the girls and guide them through the project development process.

The entrepreneurship piece allows the girls to demonstrate the life skills and leadership strategies Love Progress Park teaches. Lead Groups are safe and fun places for girls to get accountability for their personal and company goals, more deeply understand their strengths and values, and build real friendships.

Together, we will uplift young women and work to see all girls live with the courage to lead!