Girls Learning to Lead in Every Area of Their Lives

Join a Local Lead Group In-Person

Lead Groups are localized, small groups of 10-15 students meeting weekly for the purpose of empowering middle school and high school girls with advantage-creating life skills, confidence, and meaningful friendships.

Year over year, students return to advance through our L.E.A.D. curriculum, committing to two 12-week programs per year running September-December and February-May.

The L.E.A.D. programs include topics and focuses:

  • LOVE - relationships, self-love, belonging, and allyship
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP - innovation, collaboration, personal finance, and presentation
  • ACTIVITY - movement, teamwork, coachability, and resiliency
  • DUTY - service, social responsibility, media literacy, and civic identity
Lead Groups span the school year and pick up where academics cut short by teaching critical "power skills" like creativity, collaboration, and emotional intelligence gained through navigating the process of operating and executing a topic-focused project.

The small group of 10-15 girls of mixed grade levels, life experiences, and differences among personalities opens the door for uncovering exciting new possibilities in thought, teamwork, innovation, friendship, and fun!

"After learning more about growth mindset through See Her Lead... "It is ok to fail and to succeed from your failure. It is ok to try new things and to not have to know everything. Being a leader requires confidence and kindness - also to take risks and learn from your mistakes.”
Sophie, 13 Class of 2027