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10 out of 10 adult women have agreed, "I wish there was a program like this when I was a kid!"

Moms and dads alike have found See Her Lead, since 2012 when it was then-named "Young Elites", has served as a reinforcer that supports their best efforts to parent confident, engaged, and accountable daughters in a world that tries to shake them through one life transition to the next.

What began as a one-week event motivating a handful of girls to move in and out of their comfort zones morphed into powerful year-round programming critically supplementing academic studies with fun and inspiring project-based learning in emotional intelligence, stress management, growth mindset, financial literacy, physical fitness, self-care, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and more.

See Her Lead has filled the confidence and life-prep gaps that hit young girls the hardest with skills, strategies, and leadership lessons they can practice throughout their teenage years and put into effect with boldness and resilience as young adults and future leaders.

Almost a decade later, See Her Lead has graduated hundreds of young women and expanded into a multi-city movement toward preparing middle school and high school girls with self-belief, leadership experiences, and a network for navigating the real world.

Aubree started as a 6th grader
She's now a Sophomore in high school

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Educator and still learning

Jennifer Shiley, known to friends and family as “Shiley”, is the Managing Partner of Love Progress Park and its mission to empower and equip people throughout the world to realize their fullest potential and inspire others. She is the Founder of See Her Lead and chairs the Board of the Sonny Carter Foundation serving communities by enhancing the visibility, education, and advancement of individuals facing social and socioeconomic inequalities. Shiley substitute teaches all grade levels, meets and speaks with youth groups, advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, and coaches the SHL-Davidson Lead Group. As a Philadelphia area native, Shiley's drive pairs well with cheesesteaks, ocean getaways, and the occasional trash-talking.

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