Your Commitment

It is the repeated effort that causes learning to take place and leaders to develop.

Growth happens in the process.

See Her Lead was founded to fill the gap in real world leadership and life-skills for girls. Schools were not, and still are not adequately, solving for the confidence drop in middle school girls and the performance anxiety increase in high school girls.

While leadership positions like "captain" of a sports team, "lead" in a theater production, and others indicate leadership ability worth celebrating, See Her Lead is designed to meet all girls where they are and prepare them to lead in every area of their lives through ongoing personal development training that can be tapped into in and around life's transitions.

Without a program to compare with See Her Lead's unique ability to bring girls out of their shells and into their best selves, kids will have hesitations about fully engaging in getting out of their comfort zones to experience real leadership growth over time.

Leading is hard.

It's not for everyone. A lot of kids will want to quit when it gets tough, and their parents will let them. We ask that you give us a chance to follow through on our end of the process.

See Her Lead will see girls through the hard parts, and our Lead Group Coaches will follow alongside the girls as guides toward their individual leadership goals and potential.

Whether you're meeting with your Lead Groups weekly as an All-Year Leader and have a safe space and time set aside to build meaningful relationships with friends and mentors, having fun engaged in leadership projects, service, special virtual events, or showing up in the community to support the friends who are becoming "your people", See Her Lead is the leadership club fighting for every girl to learn how to become her own hero.

Good things can happen in an instant, and meaningful transformation is possible over time. Sign up. Stick with us. And, See Her Lead.

Weekly Lead-ups
Virtual Trainings

What to Expect

  • Clinics

    1-3 hours each event; full, on-time commitment required

  • Camps

    Multiple, 3-6 hour days per camp; full, on-time commitment required

  • HEROwn Story Project

    Multiple, 6 hour days; full, on-time commitment required

  • All Year Leader Program

    Meets weekly, mostly evenings, year-round in local Lead Groups; Students are permitted to miss occasional lead-ups because of the 10-month+ commitment; Coaches will also offer weeks off for rest or reflection to benefit the growth of the group

All-Year Leader Description

The All-Year Leader experience is designed to inspire and challenge girls to transform into confident leaders who are prepared to lead in every area of their lives. Using the platform of entrepreneurship, young women will deepen the practice of personal and social awareness through the format of small-group accountability, relationship management, and application of startup business strategies.

An emphasis of strengthening emotional intelligence and growth mindset will unlock leadership competencies seeded in middle school and high school girls who are being cultivated to standout as future global contributors.

All-Year Leader Expectations

The growth process requires honest effort and time. Therefore, what you get out of this All-Year Leader experience is entirely predicated upon what you invest into it. Yes, the expectation is that you commit to showing up to lead-ups like you would show up to any other class or practice.

Weekly and meaningful participation in Lead Groups, reflection, application of life skills and leadership strategies, demonstration of courage, openness, and trustworthiness will enhance and secure the safe space we are creating, help all students reach their individual leadership potential, and further enable girls' progress as a leaders.

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